Family Chiropractor in Red Hook, New York

Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

Our clinic utilizes state of the art equipment and treatment therapies in order to provide advanced spinal correction and chiropractic
adjustments to patients of all ages including moms to be. Chiropractic adjustments are a safe, natural and effective procedure utilized
by Red Hook NY Chiropractor Dr. Emily Bobson in order to fix subluxations in the spine and give your body the ability to heal itself.
Dr. Bobson believes in holistic healthcare and takes a “Whole Person Approach” to his patients by managing not only
the symptoms, but addressing the underlying causes to their injuries and disease. In addition to chiropractic adjustments.
Family Chiropractor in Red Hook

Massage Therapy

We utilize massage therapy independently or in conjunction with chiropractic care in order to help you achieve
optimal results. You will feel better and more relaxed because of our unique integrative approach.  Additionally,
massage therapy combined with chiropractic care will help to increase the speed of recovery from injury.


Massage Therapy in Red Hook

Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractic

Dr. Emily uses a gentle technique called Webster that helps ease Mom’s discomfort and ensure proper positioning of Baby.
This technique can turn babies in-utero and help avoid birth trauma associated with breech births and cesarean births.
Most people do not realize that infants and children are just as much in need of chiropractic care as adults. Infants,
in particular, are susceptible to a wide range of possible ailments related to slow or traumatic birth and c-sections.
Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractor in Red Hook

Energy Healing

Energy medicine, energy therapy or energy healing is under the umbrella of complementary and alternative medicine. At Body Central Chiropractic,
Massage and Bodywork Studi, our healers utilize some forms of energy medicine as an adjunct in helping our patients achieve optimal well being.
Over the past many years, there have been various practitioners and healers that have utilized unconventional tools to effectuate a shift in health
and well being. Some examples include, Therapeutic Touch,  NAET, Emotional Release Techniques,  Acupuncture, Mediation,  Reiki and many more.
Energy Healing in Red Hook

Additional Chiropractic and Integrated Wellness Services


Sports Chiropractic

Our facility provides amateur and professional athletes with non-invasive therapies to prevent and recover quicker from sports injuries.


Thermography provides careful analysis of skin surface temperatures in order to detect signs of possible disease or injury.


We look at your structure, neurology, immune system, hormones, and body chemistry to properly treat fibromyalgia.


We work with your body’s chi to promote ultimate healing through acupuncture therapy  provided to patients at our clinic.

Back and Neck Pain

Chronic and acute back and neck pain is alleviated through chiropractic adjustments without surgery or medication.


Safe and effective treatments to stimulate dead or damaged nerves to improve function and relieve pain suffered from sciatica.


Aromatherapy uses the aroma from natural oils which is inhaled to stimulate brain function and improve healing and energy.

Joint Disease

We successfully treat the wear and tear of your joints that causes osteoarthritis without the use of surgery or harmful medications.

Chronic Headaches

Relieve your tension, migraine and chronic headaches symptoms with all natural, proven and effective therapy offered at our clinic.

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